Anjali 2020 - Our Vision

Despite the many challenges, we see incredible potential in our students and community. Beyond our immediate needs, Aghor Foundation envisions a renewed Anjali School where students are afforded the same educational opportunities they would have access to had they been born in Sweden.

Anjali 2020 is our two-year plan for further education for our graduates, nutritious lunches, additional classrooms, proper restrooms, a Center for Visual and Performing Arts and a Computer and Engineering Lab.

Preserving our primary mission, the Anjali School will continue to be free of charge and accessible by all children in the surrounding communities who otherwise would not be able to afford or access an education. The Anjali 2020 Campaign is sevenfold, and is divided into fundraising goals based on our immediate needs and long-term dreams for Anjali School.

Update: Goal 1 Reached! 

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Goal #1

Goal 1 Reached – Anjali's 17 5th Graders are going to 6th Grade!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we've reached our first goal of $5,000. In less than 2 days, we more than exceeded our goal to send all 17 students in Anjali’s Grade 5 graduating class to 6th grade, with backpacks full of books and supplies. Together, we changed 17 lives, and so many more. This will be our first graduating class with 100% of its students continuing their education! Thank you so much to everyone who donated. You’re awesome.

Goal 1 Description...

In the past, concluding their education at the end of 5th Grade to find manual work to support their family has been the reality for many of our graduates. We hope to change that. For the first time, all of our 5th Grade students are preparing for their 6th Grade entrance exams to great government schools and private schools. Our most pressing need is to sponsor our seventeen 5th Grade students who will be graduating from Anjali in April 2018, and with your help, will be beginning 6th Grade in May 2018. Annual average tuition at a secondary school is 18,200 rupees ($280); the first $5,000 raised through the Anjali 2020 Campaign will be allocated to support our current 5th Grade students after Anjali.

Goal 1 Reached! 

Goal #2

Three Years of Nutritious Lunch for All Students [$15,000] 

Most of our students go the whole school day without a snack, much less a proper meal. For $20, we can purchase enough rice and lentils or yogurt and fruits to feed all 118 students a nutritious meal during recess. For $5,000 a year, we can ensure that all our students receive a proper meal every school day so that they can get the most out of their classes.

Goal #3

Build Two Classrooms and New Bathrooms [$35,000]

Anjali School has 4 classrooms (temporary structures with tin sheet roofs), yet serves students from Nursery through Class 5 (7 grade levels). Different grade levels are often taught concurrently in the same room. Other times, grade levels with no classroom are taught outside on mats. At least two grade levels a day are taught outside, and sometimes more depending on how many students are present that day. With $30,000, we can build two permanent, modern classrooms with doors and windows, proper lighting, paint, and flooring, desks and chairs, a whiteboard and a projector. With the additional $5,000, we can build proper sanitary and private bathrooms, with running water and soap, for our students and staff.

Goal #4

Secondary Education Scholarship Fund [$10,000]

Right now, Anjali teaches through 5th Grade. But, education doesn’t end at 5th Grade. Our goal is to ensure that all of Anjali's graduates complete their studies through 12th grade. Annual average tuition at a secondary school is 18,200 rupees ($280). With $10,000, Anjali can provide partial to full scholarships to students who can't afford a secondary education and who would otherwise discontinue their education to find manual work to support their families.

Goal #5

Anjali Center for Visual and Performing Arts [$30,000]

With $30,000, we can build a large combined space for the Arts ($13,000), provide instruments to the students for instrumental classes ($5,000), provide four years of materials for classes in drawing, painting, and ceramics ($5,000), and hire an arts teacher for four years ($7,000).

Goal #6

Anjali Computer and Engineering Lab [$35,000]

Our dream is to build a modern WiFi-enabled computer lab with 20 laptops, a projector, and engineering tools and materials to be accessible by and inspire all students to dream, design, and bring to life real projects related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). A technology teacher will be hired to design and teach this new curriculum, ranging from basic computer skills to advanced coding, as well as hands-on engineering projects in electronics, computer-aided design (CAD), and 3D printing. With $35,000, we can build a dedicated computer lab ($16,000) equipped with 20 laptops ($10,000) and WiFi for four years ($1000), hire a technology teacher for 3 years ($6,000), and provide 3 years of materials for introductory engineering classes ($2,000).

Goal #7

Establish an Anjali Fund for Primary Education [$40,000]

$40,000 will provide full scholarships for 7 years of primary education (from Nursery-5th Grade) to 50 future Anjali students who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The $800 scholarship/student will ensure 7 years of school lunches, uniforms, school books, class supplies, and professional instruction.

A comprehensive STEM and liberal arts education of the highest academic standard. The Anjali School of tomorrow will be an advanced, hands-on center for technology and the arts for its students, the boys living in the adjacent Bal Ashram safe home, and the wider community. In addition to providing a traditional education, our vision is to provide a space where children can delve deeper into their passions, fully express their creativity, and prepare for their future studies and a career in a technology-driven world.

Why the Arts?

We hope to establish a creative space devoted to the empowerment of our students through artistic expression. This center will support our students in finding inner peace, developing confidence in themselves, discovering their creative abilities, and fostering a greater appreciation for the arts in traditional Indian culture and other cultures from around the world. Given the backgrounds of our students, a safe space for imagination and self-expression through art, music, dance, and acting can be a stimulus for healing and growth, and a place to find enjoyment and peace away from the realities they may experience beyond school grounds.

The Anjali Center for Visual and Performing Arts will be a combined space for classes in drawing, sculpting, dance, acting and vocal and instrumental music.

Why Technology?

Too many students throughout India enter their University studies without computer literacy, or no prior experience with modern information technology. Our dream is to establish a modern computer and engineering lab for our students and the wider community. Students will learn how to use computers and related technology and be taught a variety of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.

A computer lab will foster intellectual curiosity and creativity, and challenge our students to approach some of the greatest issues of our society from a technological perspective. Internet access will provide a wealth of information and resources that can assist them in their studies and future career, and will give them a window through which to learn about and explore the world outside of Varanasi. In addition to computer skills, the Lab’s curriculum will incorporate essential problem solving and teamwork skills. Having these tools can open brighter doors for future studies and a career in a highly competitive technologically-driven economy.

A Beacon for the Wider Community

Along with the Aghor Foundation’s other initiatives, the Anjali School of tomorrow will continue to be a replicable model for other organizations and communities hoping to inspire and empower young individuals to pursue their dreams and shape a better life for themselves and their family.



We are working hard to raise the funds and solicit material donations that will allow us to make Anjali School a model school for our students and the wider community. With your support, Anjali's students can receive the tools necessary to become confident adults with valuable skills and strong values, able to pursue their dreams, contribute to the community and end the cycle of poverty.

If you’re ready to take the next step and contribute to our cause, please visit our easy-to-use and secure, PayPal-enabled Support page. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.