Anjali  Today

The Anjali School serves 118 students across seven classes, from Nursery and KG through Class 5. Yet, Anjali has only 4 classrooms (temporary structures with tin sheet roofs) and one classroom-serving shed. Given our facilities, most classrooms concurrently serve two different grade levels. For example, Nursery and KG students are taught in the same room on the floor, with two teachers and approximately 35 students. Many students in our lower classes do not have a desk to write on, and sit on the floor. The “indoor” classrooms are in ill repair and are open to the elements. Additionally, our two-stall bathroom is lacking in proper sanitation and privacy. When it rains heavily or the Ganges River floods, Anjali is often closed for several weeks at a time. Anjali School is closed for several weeks every year during the Winter months (December-January), as the classrooms are too cold for classes to be held.


We are working hard to raise the funds and solicit material donations that will allow us to make Anjali School a model school for our students and the community at large. With your help, we can provide our students with the tools necessary to become adults with valuable skills and strong values, who can pursue their many passions, contribute to their community, and end the cycle of poverty. 

Operating Costs

Anjali School currently runs on Rs700,000 ($10,000) per year, a majority of which Rs630,000 ($9,000) is contributed by our generous supporters.

The school is committed to covering further education costs at a Class 6-12 government school or private school for six students who have graduated from Anjali School. Unfortunately, with its current budget, the school can only sponsor the top student of each year’s graduating class.

Annual Fees per Student

The annual cost for one student to attend the Anjali School is approximately Rs5,000 ($78). Many students attend the school free of charge, while some families pay a monthly fee of Rs150 ($2.30) which is a large sum of money for their families; the remainder of the fees are covered by donations.

Unmet Needs

With our low annual budget of Rs700,000 ($10,000), there remain many unmet needs, including lunch for our students. Most families are unable to afford a lunch for their child to bring to school. Most students only have one or two meals a day at home, and almost all students go the whole school day without a snack, much less a proper meal. For Rs1,400 ($20), we can purchase enough rice and lentils or yogurt and fruits to feed all students a nutritious meal during recess. For Rs350,000 ($5,000) a year, we can ensure that all of our students receive a proper meal every school day so that they can get the most out of their classes.

Further Education for Anjali Graduates

Unfortunately, concluding their education at the end of 5th Grade has been the reality for many of our graduates. The average annual tuition at a private school or government school is Rs25,000 ($360); for Rs350,000 ($5,000), we can guarantee that all 11 students graduating from 5th Grade in April 2019 will be able to continue onto 6th Grade at a great school. With this solid foundation, the students will become adults with valuable skills and strong values, who can contribute to their community and end the cycle of poverty.